The MIB IXP (management information base for internet exchange points) is a specialized SNMP MIB for IXPs implemented in the software quagga that allow:

Peer Per Information + Sumarized information + IPv6 information

A MIB IXP's overview is showed bellow:

MIB IXP overview

Among the manageable objects defined in RFC 4273, there isn't one that groups elements related to an individual peer BGP. What would allow, for example, to obtain data associated to each participant, information of extreme importance in the optics of an IXP. Besides the lack of per peers information - the MIB BGP4 - does not provide data regarding IPv6, an essential protocol to monitoring, particularly at this stage of transition.

Under this conjecture, was opted to developing a new solution which consists to add new manageable objects to the existing BGP4 MIB. The new elements contain information regarding the protocols IPv6 and Multicast, as well as per participant.s information, a total of 26 new objects. The result culminated in the emergence of a new MIB - specialized for managing IXPs - which was called MIB IXP (MIB for Interconnection Exchange Points).

The MIB IXP was codified in the language ASN.1 and implemented in the routing software quagga. Thus, the route-servers - entities that concentrate the exchange of information . that use the quagga can feed the new information base.